Better Performance-Build Muscles

reach your fitness goal thanks to EMS Tehnology

If you want to improve your physique, you will need a training program tailored to your goals. You don’t need to spend long hours and lots of energy in the gym. With EMS you will be able to exercise more effectively for faster results.

General Physical Preparation (GPP), the base of fitness, can be achieved much more efficiently with EMS. Furthermore, EMS training can either complement an existing training regime, or be used as an alternative. Either way, you will significantly enhance your performance because of the increased activation of muscle fibers. Especially, when your goal is to improve speed and power, this method stimulates fast-twitch muscle fibers with a much greater effect, without inherent risk of injury.

The total body EMS workout is specifically designed to improve athletic performance in all kinds of sport, whether it is endurance, agility, speed, or strength-based. Many athletes report multiple benefits from practicing specific movement patterns during EMS stimulation.

Some other Fitness Goals Benefits