Rehab Exercise Injury & Back Pain

Reach your fitness goal thanks to EMS Technology

Electric muscle stimulation, also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), has existed in the physiotherapy field for many years with proven success. With acute or chronic injury, full-body EMS training can offer similar benefits as traditional physiotherapy, when incorporated as part of a carefully formulated program designed to facilitate rehabilitation and recovery. However, you should consult with your doctor prior to starting your EMS exercise program.

The most common treatment areas for people of all ages include the neck, back, knees and ankles. Targeted training of the muscles, especially those muscles around the problem joints, can reduce the pain and stabilize and strengthen the deep muscle layer.

Another unique advantage of full-body EMS is the “body relaxation” effect, in which different frequencies and parameters (similar to those used for physical therapy) are used to promote recovery, in a similar way to a massage.

For patients suffering from back complaints, various studies** have demonstrated the effectiveness of this form of training in both prevention and treatment. The training helps you to strengthen the deeper layers of muscles, which supports the stability of the spinal column, relieving and stabilizing your back.

Back pain statistics include:

  • 88 % of the subjects dramatically reduced their back pain. The frequency and duration of the pain lessened by as much as 80%.
  • More than 40% of participants complained about constant back pain at the start of the study, versus just 9% after six weeks of training.
  • The pain totally disappeared in 44% of the patients with chronic complaints.
  • The duration of back pain caused by daily activity e.g. heavy lifting, walking, bending over, heavy physical labor, chores, sports, driving or sitting for long periods improved by up to 30%.

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